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If I play the file in Kodi I get stuttering. Provides next-generation compression and codec. Also it seems your GPU can't decode HEVC 10 bits. The VLC cone icon was designed by Richard Øiestad. In VLC there's stuttering, as well as that weird grey wash over everything then back to stuttering. The popular third-party video player VLC, for example, includes its own built-in codecs. Note: You can also change the values for Network caching (ms) and Disc caching (ms) to see whether it improves your playback performance. Windows 10 is supposed to support HEVC natively, and the gen 7 CPUs definitely do. I tend to get better performance in VLC now days. Features Overview. This video tutorial is about "How to Fix VLC Media Player Lagging while Playing HD or MKV Video Files" Another potential reason to cause VLC not playing HEVC video is the HEVC/H265 video parameter settings. Done a bit of Googling, seems to be a problem a few people have had. Change Video Output Settings. Yeah I've been having trouble with recent versions of LAV Video and simple HEVC and H.264 1080p content. I've verified the issue isn't the files by playing the directly through the PC. Sometimes, if the caching value is too high, then it may result in that there will be a larger lag when you want to manually skip … AC-R.HEVC.7z (29.1 MB) This sample exhibits the stuttering within the Plex tvOS application, and plays normally using VLC on the same Apple TV … Im having a very weird issue; out of no where, my computer is suddenly having major issues playing a 1080p x265 HEVC movie in VLC. Not sure what is up with it. If you think your GPU is supposed … Given that your HEVC video resolution is customized by yourself and the HEVC video aspect ratio doesn't keep the default 3:2, 4:3 or 16:9, then you might encounter VLC player problem with HEVC video playback. Network caching is for files that are stored on a network but are being played in your current system. To play HEVC (H.265) videos in VLC, just install VLC and open them—done. ; From the options present, click on Video. The first way you can choose to solve VLC stuttering is to check the parameters of this media player which may influence the fluency of the playback. These aren’t included with the latest versions of … As the problems I occurred, the latest VLC media player still does not support H.265 video playback perfectly: there is stutters… So it falls back to software decoding, just like with VLC 2.2. x265 is a free software library and application for encoding video streams into the H.265/MPEG-H HEVC compression format, and is released under the terms of the GNU GPL. When a year ago I could do 4k HEVC/H.264 fine with MPC-HC, but VLC can do it fine. The files can be played though software decoding, but that is slow and stutters since that solution does not utilize the H.265 decoder in the 7500U (so please do NOT suggest that as an alternative). In the menu bar, click on Tools > Preferences [CTRL + P]. For built-in support, you’ll need the codecs. I’ve had a look at the codec and it’s HEVC. Although it is claimed latest version of VLC (2.2.0) should enable both HEV1 and HEV2 formats of HEVC, viewing H.265/HEVC files in VLC is not so easy as we image. Check HEVC Video Parameters. It worked fine a couple of days ago, but now, all of a sudden, playing the exact same file(s) in VLC will make the video lag and stutter like crazy, and its … 3.

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