5 DIY Tips To Prepare for Your Sundeck Installation

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When it comes to outdoor deck surfaces, the decisions you need to are far more varied than opting for a mere timber sundeck installation. You have many choices to consider other than the material with which your sundeck is manufactured from. Let’s take a look at some handy tips that will help you to be better prepared for the installation.


#1 Decide Where To Install The Sundeck


Think about exactly where, relative to your home, you’d like the sundeck installed. The actual location, deck design and materials are some of your most important considerations. Should it be directly in the sun, or in the shade, or do you want the installation near the pool? What type of access should the new sundeck have to the house?


#2 Dig Deep Deck Footings


The first step to your sundeck installation is to review the joist and beam spacing, and to carefully locate the deck footing holes before you the digging begins. Keep in mind that the footings will support not only the weight of the sundeck, but also the people using the deck.


#3 Create A Solid Base


The footings for the deck must meet local South African municipalities’ building regulations. The depth of the footings, which will be set in concrete, depends on your geographic location, and also needs to be below the frost line.


#4 Permits Now Halts Headaches Later


Each municipality has their own bylaws, and it’s in your interest to make sure what planning permission, if any, you’ll need for your new installation.


#5 Make Sure You’re Ready For Your New Sundeck


Getting a new sundeck is great, but you need to be prepared for it too. By this, we mean you should know how to take care of it, if it needs future protective finishing, and other aspects of taking care of it, in order to get the most out of your new investment.


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