How to Care for Your Patio Decking Throughout Winter

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Patio Decking Care During the Winter Months

South Africa experiences mild winters, but they’re cold, wet and dreary just the same. As a matter of maintenance, we need to look after our patio decking both in summer and throughout winter. To extend the life of a wooden deck, there are a few things you can do to take care of it throughout the winter months.


Don’t make the mistake of merely taking care of the patio decking during the hot and pounding summer months. Winter brings with it its own challenges that need to be navigated. To start out with, sweep the surface of the decking and remove all leaves and debris to prevent mould and mildew, algae and fungus from forming and setting in.


Wash the decking surface with mild soap and water. If washing it doesn’t remove the surface dirt and grime, or if there are signs of mould, it’s recommended to perform a pressured wash. Pressure washing removes even the smallest of particles, but can also damage the decking if the pressure’s set too high. Making use of a professional service is recommended.


Sealing Your Patio Decking for Winter


Depending on the type of patio decking you have, it’s recommended to seal the deck with a water repellent. This is especially relevant for coastal cities, which have its rainy season during the winter months. The sealant should be applied on a clean and dry surface, with a large brush. Many South Africans simply prefer to cover their desk. It can be a bit risky to do so though. This is because when you cover the deck, any water infiltration or condensation will expose the wood to moisture, and it can sit for a very long time before it’s detected.


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