Decking design

Why Decking Design Is Best Left to the Professionals

Let The Experts Take Care of Your Decking Design Many homeowners had to learn the expensive lesson that it is better to leave decking design to the professionals. When you consider the fact that you might only be concerned with decking design once every few decades, these professionals work with it on a daily basis….

Timber decking

Why Hardwood Timber Decking Is The Way To Go

Here’s Why Hardwood Timber Decking Remains A Popular Choice As one of the top timber decking manufacturers and suppliers in Durban, we’ve gained a lot of hard earned insight and expertise in our industry over the years. We receive many questions about timber decks, from what type of timber to use, to whether or not…

timber decks Durban

Enhance Your Property’s Ambience with Beautiful Timber Decks Durban

Few homeowners and landscapers pass up the opportunity to enhance the ambiance of properties by including some well-placed and attractive decking, when appropriate. In terms of timber decks, Durban is well-known for its wooden decks as they are weather resistant and durable. Decks in particular are also incredibly popular in Durban as a whole, due…

patio decking

How to Care for Your Patio Decking Throughout Winter

Patio Decking Care During the Winter Months South Africa experiences mild winters, but they’re cold, wet and dreary just the same. As a matter of maintenance, we need to look after our patio decking both in summer and throughout winter. To extend the life of a wooden deck, there are a few things you can…

timber decking

How to Care for Your Timber Decking During the Rainy Season

A new wood deck provides you with a warm and handsome connection to your outdoor space, adding value and warmth to your home’s beauty. It also sets the stage for a world of fun outdoor activities. However, timber decking takes a lot of abuse throughout the year in South Africa’s infamous climate. During summer months,…

sundeck installation

5 DIY Tips To Prepare for Your Sundeck Installation

When it comes to outdoor deck surfaces, the decisions you need to are far more varied than opting for a mere timber sundeck installation. You have many choices to consider other than the material with which your sundeck is manufactured from. Let’s take a look at some handy tips that will help you to be…