Deck & Patio ideas for a modern home

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People are
keeping up with the times by upgrading their homes for a modern feel
but there is an important
factor that they may be omitting their backyard. Is your backyard
looking a bit plain or dull in comparison to your new chic home?
There are many ways to turn your conventional backyard into a
luxurious space for relaxation that suits your modern home. Here are
some deck ideas for a modern home:

Deck and
pergola combination

A deck with
a pergola will give the space a ‘getaway’ feeling; perfect for a
modern home. The deck will enhance the space and give you the
opportunity to spend more time outdoors while the pergola will
provide you with a decent amount of shade to keep the sun’s rays at

Add a
feature garden

Though the
deck is already outdoors, this extension of your home could also
become an extension of your garden. Add a garden to your outdoor
living experience to modernise your deck and add some character.
Ferns or bamboo plants are common features that will always look

with shades

For this
modern feature, you will have to have a pergola over your deck.
Adding shades will allow you to alter the privacy, lighting and
warmth of this area as you please. Make it your own by using shades
of different materials and designs.

Install a
deck fireplace

A fireplace
will give your deck a bold yet elegant appearance. This installation
will incorporate the modern design of your home into your outdoor
space. it will also provide you with the warmth and comfort you need
to continue using this area in the colder months of the year.

your pool with decking

Make your
pool an extension of your deck. Everyone can sit comfortably
poolside, with the opportunity to take a dip and still engage in the
conversation with this modern design.