laminate vs hardwood

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When you spill or drip water onto a laminate floor, remove it as fast as possible. We’re going to talk about laminate vs. hardwood composition. She also loves a good DIY project—probably inspired by growing up in an old Connecticut colonial. Very useful information. Most homeowners can handle the click-together tongue and groove floor. Then, wash with a damp cloth or mop. But you will save compared to solid hardwood, since engineered planks require less wood. How much does laminate flooring cost before installation? You can mix your stain to achieve that precise color you or your designer picked, and select a finish to get the perfect sheen. We’re going to level with you. Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros, laminate floor installations will require an underlayment, 4 Instant Free Quotes from Approved Local Flooring Installers, great flooring options for those who have pets, hardwood flooring materials are twice as much, will find laminate floors more economical, Composite made of layers of fibers in melamine, photographic layer, and coatings. Like we said before, your guests may never know it’s not real wood. Engineered hardwood is a thicker flooring and is typically nailed or glued down, so it does not have the problem with flexing. Vinyl is another great flooring option that gets a bad reputation for being inexpensive. Heck ya! Engineered wood contains a slice of natural wood on top while laminate uses a photographic layer that is coated with a protective layer. There was a time when hardwood was only available in solid wood flooring and laminate … To help you make your choice, use this flooring stores near me tool to find a flooring expert in your area. But don’t worry: we’re here to answer all of your questions! a tap block and pull bar), but the tools are widely available and they are inexpensive. Both are strong, durable floors that are less expensive than natural wood, but laminate flooring typically costs less. But for those who have their hearts set on a hardwood floor, the added cost may be worth it. And thanks to amazing increases in technology, your guests may never know the difference between a real wood finish and a laminate photo layer. Laminate vs Engineered Wood Flooring. Need to minimize water and treat with oil? But a major difference between hardwood and laminate flooring is that you can also purchase hardwood planks that are, well, naked. Which one will you go with? perimeter joints, t strips at doors and on large floors, Need 3/4 perimeter joints, about 10 x 12 is max, and on larger floor "dime" or "washer" gaps in center of large floors, can also use splines in center to reverse direction of grain, on maple gym floors 3, 6 or 10 ft. exp. Laminate Flooring vs Hardwood Hardwood flooring comprises of 3/4-inch- thick boards of pure solid wood cut from a tree. Also known as “snap-lock” or “snap-together”, these floors click together via an intricate tongue-and-groove system. It’s up to you! 1. Although it’s rarer, solid hardwood boards can also be found as click-together flooring. Buff after cleaning with a microfiber towel or cloth diaper. Dropped items will dent both hardwood and laminate floors, but hardwood floors can be repaired more easily than a laminate floor. Thank you so much! Your email address will not be published. This allows it to expand and contract as your home's humidity fluctuates. Fading problems are not as pronounced when compared to their hardwood counterparts. Since engineered hardwoods have a real hardwood veneer, they are more susceptible to … People install both laminate and hardwood floors in kitchens. The manufacturer supplies laminate flooring with the wood grain and color using a photograph of stained wood embedded in a clear coating. Hardwood, on the other hand, is considered best left to the pros. Though they have a similar appearance, these types of flooring are actually pretty different. Also, for those who do not like the V’s created by the microbevels of prefinished hardwood, unfinished hardwood is supplied without bevels since it is sanded flat on site before the finish is applied. You should test the moisture content of the core layer of some products. According to, hardwood floors boost your home’s resale value, … Laminate flooring is another hard surface material that mimics the look of hardwood flooring. If so, then a prefinished hardwood or laminate floor is a good choice since you are eliminating dust from sanding. But in larger rooms, you may need expansion joints in the field of a laminate floor. You can replace a damaged plank, or sections, of laminate flooring but it is difficult and from a do-it-yourself job. The main difference between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring is that hardwood flooring is made from real wood, and laminate flooring has a picture of wood on the surface. Also, problems like water staining or hazing of the finish and buckling due to swelling from water are difficult to prevent with hardwood. Reading Time: 6 minutesTechnological advances have made engineered hardwood floors and laminate flooring competitors for the attention of homeowners that want the look of wood when installing a new floor. Engineered hardwood is more versatile than solid wood and can be installed just about anywhere that laminate can. on laminate as these can damage the resin-based coating. (In general, a rating of one through three are residential grade, one being light traffic and three high traffic. The Difference Between Hardwood, Laminate and Bamboo Flooring. When debating between a laminate vs. hardwood floor, people are usually debating laminate vs. Laminate vs. engineered hardwood similarities, Laminate vs. engineered hardwood differences. This means you can install them over just about any subfloor, and the end result is a seamless look. Kitchen? Some may think laminate vs. hardwood is an “either/or” debate, but it’s best to see it as a “both/and” discussion. There’s actually not that much between them and most of the pros and cons are the same as comparing laminate vs hardwood. And like we said earlier, there’s a big range when it comes to laminate vs. hardwood cost. A clear resin top coat containing aluminum oxide, which provides scratch, UV, and wear resistance to the flooring. The longevity of your hardwood floors highly depends on the quality of construction and thickness of the veneer! The planks usually milled with a smooth top surface have tongue-and-groove edges … Like most things in life (big sigh), there are advantages and disadvantages of floating floors. But if you’re still worried, you can check out this Consumer Reports piece for suggestions on assembling to avoid a redundant pattern. At, our expert team of flooring researches & writers work to provide thorough & editorially independent content for whatever your flooring need may be. For instance, the price of hardwood may depend on the choice of exotic trees, or the manufacturing process could be complex to begin with. Hardwood. It seems a bit complicated, but there are charts to aid in determining the moisture content for your wood (it is usually somewhere between six to nine percent as measured with a pin meter). And more than that, how many flooring brands exist! But that is for a shorter one to three days. They’re beautiful, they’re strong, and they can look great for ages with proper care. The laminate and hardwood manufacturers are keenly aware of the importance of the underlayment. The major difference between the durability of laminate vs. engineered hardwood will be found on the surface. We love daydreaming about the cozy charm of a new wood surface. Higher-quality brands and styles will offer more advantages, like better durability and a more realistic photo layer. This … That means you can still enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors in the bathroom, kitchen or even the basement. Hardwood has been around for hundreds of years. Laminate flooring has a hard top layer and usually provides better wear resistance, compared to hardwood. The winner of engineered hardwood vs. laminate flooring really depends. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove all dust, dirt, and debris to prevent abrasion damage. You can use it in wet environments since plastic replaces the susceptible fiberboard core. But again, it depends on the installation, the underlayment, etc. Engineered Hardwood. See, durability depends on a lot of things. It evokes a warm, natural feeling that many consider a luxury. Laminate vs. engineered hardwood differences That plasticate wear layer of laminate makes it super durable (we’ll also talk about this further down), whereas the top layer of engineered … Your email address will not be published. Water or other liquids left on hardwood floors will induce swelling and buckling of planks, as well as staining and clouding of some finishes. It depends on whether you use laminate or hardwood flooring. Vinyl. If you’re curious about more “cushioned” flooring options—say for your bedroom—it might be worth looking into the pros and cons of cork flooring. On the flip side, it takes time, experience, and a monumental level of patience. However, there are still some general arguments we can make regarding both flooring materials. Because hardwood floors can last for generations, they raise your home’s value more than laminate floors. So, you need to decide whether you want to use prefinished flooring (laminate or hardwood) or a site-installed hardwood finish on your project. Is there a like site comparing Laminate to Engineered wood? The quality of the base material, the quality of the wood, the quality of the wear layer, etc. Hardwood is, not to be too obvious, hard wood, but it is still susceptible to scratching and abrasion. "Good scratch and abrasion resistance, cannot be refinished, Is susceptible to scratches from things like pets, but can be refinished a number of times, wear patterns may show in high traffic areas, Easy to clean, soap and water, should clean spills immediately and do not let water stand for extended periods. Depending on the finish, it may scratch or dent easier than laminate—but this highly depends on the type of wood and the finish used. However, it has made serious inroads as a legitimate competitor to hardwood. Many “experts” caution against hardwood in a bathroom or wet areas. The manufacturer cuts the planks from a larger piece of wood. More exotic tree species—like mahogany or teak—raise the cost up to $15 per square foot or more. If you’re comparing the underfoot feel of laminate flooring to some types of tile, for example, laminate’s going to come out on top. If your engineered wood floor is installed as a floating floor, you will get more cushion as you walk as opposed to a wood floor that’s fixed straight to the subfloor. Yep—although it might be worth checking out the differences between tile vs. laminate while you’re at it (just saying). The bottom layer is made of plywood or fiberboard. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the test they recommend to meet the results they require. We have summarized a few key issues for your convenience and consideration. It’s also why solid hardwood usually costs more to install. Homeowners looking for the appeal of a hardwood floor covering have an increasingly large number of options. Most people cut the laminate planks with standard wood saws (hand or power), but use a fine-tooth blade for a smooth cut. The feel of your hardwood floor depends on how it’s installed.

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