FinYou Finance Process Flow for Deck & Patio

If you are interested in financing Deck & Patio products and services, our partners at FinYou, will match you with the most suitable Financial Service Provider for a purpose-based loan.


The FinYou application can be completed by following this link.

Once you have applied for finance by completing the FinYou application form, according to the information that has been completed, the FinYou system will match your application to the Financial Service Provider best suited to your application criteria and needs.
A credit assessment will be done to see if you meet the qualifying criteria to apply for credit.
When the application has been pre‐assessed, FinYou will contact you to submit the following supporting documentation:
• Latest 3 Months, over the counter, stamped bank statements
• Proof of address (not older than 3 months)
• Colour copy of ID
• 3 Latest payslips

Once all documentation has been received, the final assessment will be done by the Financial Service Provider.
When the application has been approved the Financial Service Provider will provide you with the instalment, term and interest rate for which you qualify.

(Please take note that with any credit application there will always be an interest rate, which varies, depending on your individual credit assessment. The average rate charged is between 14% -­‐22% and must be taken into account when applying for finance.)
If you are happy with the offer, the Financial Service Provider will contact you directly to complete a telephonic agreement of the loan terms, and answer any questions you might have.
(A debit order will be deducted monthly from your account from the financial service provider until the loan has been fully paid up. You may settle the loan at any stage with no penalty fees.)
Once the agreement is reached with the Financial Service Provider, Deck & Patio will contact you to set up installation/delivery.
Through-­‐out the entire FinYou process, both Deck & Patio and you will be notified of your application status.

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