What are the benefits of a pergola?

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A pergola is an open outdoor living space that can be attached to your home or freestanding. They do not have walls or a roof but built with beams to create an open outdoor space. Pergolas are a unique addition to your property, and they offer many benefits.

Pergolas enhance your outdoor space

If you have unused outdoor space, don’t waste the opportunity to use the land. A pergola can be built to fill the space. You can create an outdoor entertainment or dining area to entertain your guests.

You can create a hanging garden

If you want a unique feature in your garden, a pergola is the best option. You can hang flowerpots from the beams of the pergola to create a garden in the air. A creeper can also be placed at the bottom of a vertical beam so that it grows around the beams of the pergola, creating a rustic look. The options are endless.

They add shade

Typically, pergolas only have beams at the top so that it is completely open to the elements. However, shades can be attached to the roof to create a cool environment, protected from the harsh sun. There is the option of having motorised beams on the top that can open or close when necessary.

There are additions for privacy

If you’re looking for a more private area to relax, drapes and other materials can be hung from the sides of the pergola. These additions can be closed for privacy or opened to aerate the room and give you an unobstructed view of your garden.