What is the purpose of a pergola?

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Pergolas are structures that provide an
open space for users to sit and relax. There are many designs of
pergolas but what makes them different from of outdoor structures is
that they do not have walls and the roof is not a solid structure but
rather made up of lattices.

a few uses for a pergola:

Increase shade in your garden

The main purpose of a pergola is to
provide its users with a reasonable amount of shade without closing
them off from the garden entirely. It is put in place to allow
homeowners to spend more time outside without the harsh sun beating
down on them.

Extend your living space

Pergolas are frequently used on decks
or patios to create an extended living area. If this is your goal,
the pergolas can be attached to the home or they can be placed
a small distance from the home to create a larger
entertainment space that flows from your home’s interior to its
exterior. You can choose a design that best suits you to make it feel
even more homely.

Create an outdoor private area

great thing about pergolas is that they can be altered in many
ways to fulfil your needs. Their
purpose is to serve your

. Drapes, curtains, shades, netting, or
any other additions can be put in place to give you the desired
privacy . These additions can be opened,
closed, or replaced as per your requirement.